About me

I was originally trained as a painter, but became fascinated by the on-line media, and the design tools that comes with that area. For a number of years I worked as a multimedia designer and e-concept designer creating websites and visual identity for businesses. I enjoy the mix of analog and digital tools for designing.

I believe in the craft, with attention to detail and the special sweet spot between concept and execution. I started this business because it sincerely interests me, to transform passion and vision into unique and individual expressions. I do that by transferring hand drawn koncepts into illustrator, photoshop or indesign – from pencil to pixel. My personal sweet spot is when I work with creating patterns. Here I can combine my interest for analog and digital tools.

We express ourselves through our surroundings – the people around us, the work we do, things and objects in our homes, clothes we wear, etc. Pattern design is important for what colors and shapes we choose to express our personal style, when it comes to our lives and our homes. It is very exciting to work with visual identity through pattern design.